Not so swift mud

Everglades National Park, swamp, Florida, USA

Save Florida's natrual environment

Melissa Meeker, executive director, South Florida Water Management District wouldn’t even have a job if it hadn’t been for the “cries of a handful of environmentalist” and a “vocal few” who lobbied to create SWFWMD in the first place.

Meeker sounds more like a mouthpiece for The Gov than an environmentalist by seeming to delight in a $128 Million hit to her budget.

What her Aug. 28 “editorial” doesn’t identify, are the programs that will be cut and the number of state environmentalists then without jobs.

How are we going to attract new development, employers, retired and tourists to Florida without abundant clean water, protected natural environment and wildlife?

I guess she would have us all just move to New Jersey.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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