Rush of job ideas before Obama’s speech

Big Business profit-takingThere is nothing new about the ideas coming out of the far-right corporate-America agenda: less regulation, lower taxes . Neither of these has as its purpose, to put people back to work.

The goals of less regulation and lower taxes are those of reduced costs and higher profit for corporations; the general public be damned.

How does letting big corporations keep more of their profits to pay out to the owners “create jobs” for the rest of us?

Those companies are sitting on all their profits now, why would that change if they could sit on even more profits?

Unless you are employed in some high-end industry such as building mansions, private jets or yachts, there is little trickle down to otherwise unemployed workers.

That great bug-a-boo of “regulations”, such as those which restrict companies like mining companies from dumping toxic waste into our rivers, are regulations that protect We The People.

These companies see nothing wrong with screwing up the environment, if we let them. Only when we try to “regulate” how much they can dump on us, do they get all feisty and claim that WE are causing unemployment.

Corporate flage of USAWithout regulations, Los Angeles would still have a toxic yellow-brown killing haze hanging in the air, caused by unregulated smog-producing cars and trucks.

Without regulations, we would still have acid rain killing our forests and taking the paint off cars.

Without regulations, many more thousands of Americans without seat-belts would die in auto accidents.

Each of these regulations were fought against by big, for-profit corporations.

Regulations are necessary because there is no profit incentive for “Big Business” to otherwise act in our interests. Without regulations, Big Business will act in their own self-interest.

If Big Business becomes exempt from paying taxes, the cost of running our country will fall to the workers only.

Big Business wants to take America’s natural resources to sell on the world market for their own profits. What about We The People who are the true owners of America’s oil, coal, trees, air, water and minerals?

GreedIf Big Business wants to only take and not voluntarily give back, it is up to We The People to ensure that they do give back.

If Big Business wants to only act in their own self-interest by exploiting us and the environment, it is up to We The People to ensure that they act responsibly.

We The People are not job killers;
We The People are being killed instead by corporate greed in the pursuit of ever-greater profits.

The whole far-right Republican/Tea Party plan seems to be based on holding American jobs hostage until Big Business is allowed to act in any manner they wish, while taking out all the profits for themselves.

Workers are seen as mere tools for corporate profit, not as the people who make this county great.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


One Response to “Rush of job ideas before Obama’s speech”

  1. opusthedog Says:

    Love this post. Hope that it gets thousands of hits. Anyone who believes the Tea Baggers have the best interests of the common man in mind needs to study this and other similar works. Well Done

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