THEDC Puff Piece

Ideas in the darkThe Tampa Tribune needs to do some fact-checking on the Tampa Hillsborough Economic Development Corporation (THEDC)  9-12 Views, Investing wisely

Did the Tampa Tribune just regurgitate stats from the self-serving reports ginned up by THEDC?

How much exactly has the county and city taxpayers paid THEDC over the past few years, and how much more does THEDC want each year?

For how many companies has THEDC gotten taxpayer money, resulting in how many sustainable jobs?

Remember that EVERY other economic development department and agency claims some of those.

Even the TECO Trolley claims $1 billion in new construction development in Channelside.

Did the Tampa Tribune actually go the THEDC website?

The closest to anything I could find with a “detailed database of commercial property” was a linked list of THEDC members who sell or develop real estate.

Hillsborough County has the database of ALL property in the county and would be doing all of us a great service by making available property accessible online.

Picture yourself a business CEO in another state watching the GOP Tampa debate today on TV thinking “Tampa looks like a good place to relocate.” Now, see how long it takes to find an online source of available commercial property in the entire county.

The South Hillsborough Economic Development Council does this in south county for FREE:

Property owners can add listings, also for FREE.

LoopNet will add a searchable form for the entire county for only a few hundred bucks a month.

The Tampa Tribune, being a supporting member of THEDC, should hold itself to a higher standard of reporting when it comes to tooting the horn of the hat-in-hand THEDC.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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