Rick Parry: “The Job Creators are on Strike”

The so-called tea-party supporters and the far-right Republican Party bemoan that unionized workers want to be able to collectively bargain for wages, and thus have the ability to strike and withhold their labor.

On the other hand, what about Corporate America?

I have long thought that the Job Creators were holing the economy hostage in order to boost their profits while exploiting workers and the environment.

Corporate flage of USARepublican presidential hopeful and Texas Governor Rick Parry (with an “A” for Ass) now says that the Job Creators are in fact “on strike” for higher profits.

Does this mean that the Job Creators have somehow “organized” around the issues of lower taxes, reduced regulations and  destroying unions?

Have the Job Creators themselves organized into a union?
It is clearly not a labor union.
It appears that now we are seeing out into the open, (thanks to Gov. Parry) the fact that the owners of Corporate America are conspiring to keep their wealth by exploiting both We The People and the environment.

Witness, the Union of Corporate America.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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