Rick Perry “As A Christian I Am Directed To Support Israel”

The Siege and Destruction of Jerusalem by the ...

The destruction of Jerusalem?

Why would Rick Perry support all of Jerusalem being controlled by Israel?

Would this lead to a  reconstruction of the Jewish Temple?

Would a then-president Perry be invited to sit in that temple?
Would his vice president be some Whore of Babylon?

Will this be the abomination that causes desolation and the destruction of Jerusalem?

Will Rick Parry (“a” for antichrist) in his first year in office sign a treaty with Israel to ensure peace, but which during his seventh year in office leads to armies surrounding Jerusalem?

Will it then be time to get out of town?

Is there a secret mystery of lawlessness at work for the destruction of Jerusalem?

Could Rick Perry be the prophesied antichrist?
Could he merely be a dupe of the true antichrist; bringing End Times?

Could Perry be actively seeking the destruction of the world?


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