Job rationing

New Orleans, Louisiana, 1943. Line at Rationin...

Job rationing: war on the Middle Class

The voting public has lost focus by being distracted with the far-right’s claims that universal healthcare is the same as rationing healthcare.

We already have rationing.

America’s Middle Class is being squeezed by fewer jobs, lower wages and disappearing benefits.

Middle Class Americans increasingly have to make decisions whether to spend limited funds on healthcare or on housing.

Republican  Speaker of the House John Boehner clarified the situation when he said that “Job Creators are on strike”, meaning that there would be no increase in jobs until corporations were allowed to make more profits through reduced taxes and regulations.

The upshot of this is that Corporate America is rationing this nation’s jobs, putting the pressure on Americans to accept lower wages, fewer hours, no union representation and no health benefits.

Corporate America through the so-called Tea Party has put us all on notice that they will hold off putting Americans back to work until they get everything they want.

This is not class warfare; it is the class reality of the have-more vs. the have-less.

Get used to it. Give up, give in and get back to work.
Just don’t get sick.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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