British Colonialism and Palestine

The 1947 UN Partition Plan offered to both sid...

1947 UN Partition Plan for Palestine

Why is the United States so deeply involved with the religious struggle over control of Palestine?

Palestine was part a tolerant, just and civilized Ottoman Empire for 400 years before World War I, at which time Britain separately promised Arabs and Jews a “homeland” there.

As a direct result of British colonialism and its double-dealing with both parties, we are witnessing armed conflict between Palestinians wanting space to live, while the Israelis push into more areas of Palestine in order to gain living space for its people.

In recent history we witnessed the dire consequences of one people coveting another’s land in the name of living space.

It was variously called lebensraumמרחב מחיה and spazio vitale 

Why doesn’t Britain man-up to its responsibilities for creating the Palestine/Israel mess and take THE active role in resolving the situation by doing something constructive to prevent another human catastrophe?

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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