Tampa Bay Shines?

Rhea Law and the Tampa Hillsborough Economic Development Corp. get how many hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars and she wants us to tell her why “Tampa Bay Shines”?

I want my money back.

But, I will share these “shiners” with her for free:

1. Tampa doesn’t tear down historic buildings like the Woolworth building; we let them fall down naturally, on their own.

2. Tampa collects paper and trash on vacant downtown lots to someday recycle into green energy.

3. Tampa allows weeds to grow up on vacant downtown lots to provide habitat for urban animals, such as rats & palmetto bugs.

4. Tampa provides sheltered doorways in abandoned buildings for the homeless to use to relieve themselves.

5. Tampa provides income to the law-challenged by letting unsuspecting tourists wander the downtown no-man’s-land without police protection.

6. Downtown Tampa has a world-class exhibit of graffiti art.

To the response “Well, all cities have these problems” I say, if Tampa wants to attract business enterprise, be unlike other cities, and clean up these eyesores.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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