There is no free lunch

Free trade hutFree trade is indeed good for the Job Creators, as it allows them to create more profitable jobs overseas.

Workers in other countries will be better able to buy the diminishing line of products we still produce, because their incomes will have gone up.

The rest of the world once lined up to buy quality made-in-America products, now they make these products for us.

We are hooked on the lower prices of imported food and manufactured goods, causing our own downward spiral of economic prosperity.

There is no way American workers can compete with factories and farms in developing countries, unless we too get used to the idea of living in shanties without electricity or running water.

Better we should get used to the idea of paying a little more for what we buy, so long as it is made by American workers.

We may however already be at the tipping point where we cannot afford to shop anywhere but Waly-Mart with its cheap imported goods, while we go to jobs cleaning out hotel toilets where factory workers from Bangladesh come to vacation.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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