Free market capitalism?

Party hand outI read today in the SP Times that local hotels are learning first hand from the GOP convention organizers the meaning of “free market capitalism”.

Despite having signed commitments for hotel room reservations for the 2012 Republican nominating convention, organizers are telling (not asking) those hotels to not only lower the agreed upon special room rates, but for them to also kick back 10% of each room sale to Republican Party coffers.

Or what?

Will the organizers coerce our hotels by threatening to move the convention if they don’t get their way?

Good riddance; and let that be a lesson to all of us on how our social economy really works under this brand of  free market capitalism.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


2 Responses to “Free market capitalism?”

  1. I agree, it is all about political favors.

    Political parties as well as major corporations are awash in money. It is naive in the extreme to think America’s social ills will be solved by yet more money flowing into politics due to lower corporate taxes; higher profits from turning over public health care to private insurance companies, public retirement funds to private Wall Street firms, and public education to private charter schools.

    Boehner said “The Job Creators are on strike.” Sounds to me like an organized movement against the Job Doers.

  2. That little article does not reflect the meaning of free market capitalism, under any circumstances. It has more to do with political favors, a tactic practiced on both sides of the Congressional aisle.
    If you really want something to bitch about, you should be as busy as a one-legged person in an ass-kicking contest over ObamaCare socialism, the costly “stimulus”, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and B. Hussein’s craptastic tax-payer funded eco-scam failures, like Solyndra. His Marxist destruction of the economy is based in his hatred of free market capitalism.

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