E-Fairness, how does that work?

No online Sales taxCollecting sales taxes from store cash registers is relatively simple, even with different rates in different counties.

But when either the buyers or sellers are on the Internet and not in the same county or state; who pays the tax, and what governmental entity gets the tax thus collected?

That simple question opens up consideration for a whole new tax; the National Sales Tax.

To be “fair”, EVERY business in the U.S. selling to people in the U.S. would have to collect and remit to the Federal Government this new, additional tax on those sales.

It would be up to some new Federal sales-tax-collecting bureaucracy to send those tax dollars back to the contributing states in some “fair” and balanced manner.

The irony here is that taxes, new or otherwise, are never collected or redistributed “fairly”.

A National Sales Tax also smacks of socialism.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


2 Responses to “E-Fairness, how does that work?”

  1. My understanding of why we even have a U.S. Constitution is so that the states could come together for national defense and to facilitate commerce between the states as well as with foreign governments.

    How did we ever get to where we are today?

    Let the states take care of their people, and let the people vote with their feet as to which state to live and pay taxes in.

  2. Why is it that the only answer that big government can muster is “more taxes?” The city I live in has just raised sales taxes, and now the Governor wants to raise the state sales tax. We are in a depression and these fools think their revenue base should remain the same or increase. How come “cut spending” isn’t in the mix of solutions?

    What would happen if we all got a holiday from all government for a year or two? Honestly, can you imagine any really “bad” thing coming from all government shutting down for 24 months? I know that some will conjure up apocalyptic catastrophes, but is that really possible? I submit that people and organizations will stand in the gap and we will be no less secure, safe, healthy or whatever if government were gone and we would be prosperous, wealthy and wise.

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