Hillsborough Rebound?

The “end of the beginning” of an economic rebound for Hillsborough County?

smoke and mirrorsReally?
Why doesn’t it feel like it?

Are all the 4,116 new jobs since the first of the year those higher-than-average-wage jobs we have been promised? Are those jobs a net increase over full-time, benefit-paying jobs lost during same that time?

We are told those jobs also represent over $190 million in capital investment within the county, raising the ad valorem tax base over last year. Just what exactly is that tax increase; net of tax incentives committed to attract those jobs? Also, factor in the cost to taxpayers for the funding of six task forces and support for related public-private partnerships.

Where exactly is that newly launched website to find “space and land available in Hillsborough County”? A Google search of that phrase returns no clue. The Tampa Hillsborough Economic Development Corporation (THEDC) website requires that you contact them or a short list of their members to assist with a property search. The Hillsborough County website has no obvious “open for business” links to an online database of available commercial property.

Perhaps instead of quoting Churchill, a quote from Thomas Paine is more appropriate: “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.”

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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