The parable of the caterpillars

Processionary caterpillarsThe Processional Caterpillar is an animal of little brain.

Its brain is so limited, that the most important functions of the caterpillar are genetically programed in, requiring no thought.

For example, one program tells the caterpillar “Look for something green and head for it, as it is likely something to eat.”

A corollary program tells the caterpillar “If you don’t see something green, look for the ass of a fellow caterpillar and follow it wherever it goes, as it likely knows were it is going.”

If you place a line of Processional Caterpillars in a circle around a pile of their favorite leaves, they will continue to march around that pile until they grow weak and die. You see, there is no program in their tiny brains that tells them to do otherwise.

The moral of this parable is “If you find that you are not making any progress, get your head up from out of the ass of what you think is the leader, and look around for success elsewhere.”

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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