Feasible Ferry?

Tony Jannus flying boatI had to drag out my trusty Webster’s to try to understand how the Hillsborough County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) could conclude that a water ferry, restricted to holders of MacDill security passes, was “technically feasible”.

Reviving the Tony Jannus trans-bay flying boat between Tampa and St. Pete is also “technically feasible” in that it can be done, but only so long as you disregard the costs; which make either plan unfeasible.

We already know the answer going into this study: the cost will far out weigh the revenues and county taxpayers will refuse to make up the difference.

The MPO voted to spend ANOTHER half-million tax dollars on further studies only because they consider it free-money from the federal government.

Wait a minute. If it would be a bad idea to spend county money while the county is a billion dollars in debt, why is it a good idea to spend federal money when our country is fifteen trillion dollars in debt?

The dollars may come out of different pockets, but both pockets are mine.

Let democratic free enterprise figure out feasibility.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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