Why Johnny STILL can’t read


America has had some form of taxpayer-supported public education since the mid-1600’s and yet we are still having discussions about how best to educate our children.

Every teacher, in every classroom already knows which individual students are failing, and which are not.

Before we blame teachers for not effectively helping those failing students, we first need to ask if we are effectively helping the teachers.

I think the answer is no.

Why don’t we just trust our teachers with the resources to solve the problem of why Johnny can’t read?

The answer is that it is easier to paint all the children with the same broad-brush and provide uniform solutions based on uniform testing, than it is to do something meaningful for each unique student.

Principals; let your teachers bring their problems to you for help, without fear of a bad review.

Administrators; let your principals do the same.

We are not going to test, reward or punish our way out of our educational crisis.

We can only do so by starting with Johnny’s need to read.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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