Suffer the children

Kevin McDonald is right that our school children are not widgets.

How can you reward teachers based on changes in the average performance of students? There is no “average” student.

Do we give enough resources to help our teachers who have students who are not average, and need more than average help?

Do we empower our teachers to be the students’ advocate?

How easy is it for our teachers to focus community support for an individual child who is suffering from chronic hunger at home; homelessness; illness; abuse; neglect; language barriers; transportation issues; lack of adequate clothing or school supplies; mental or sociological issues?

What about the student who is slow or gifted, needing mentoring?

If we as a society are going to place responsibility upon teachers for our children’s success in life, shouldn’t we give our teachers ready access to all the resources our community can provide?

Our present education and social services fail as top-down solutions to a bottom-up problem.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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