Feds tell Mayor Bob to take a hike; without a Riverwalk

What does it look like when the Federal Government “reins-in’ uncontrolled spending?

It looks like Mayor Bob walking home hat-in-hand without ten million dollars of federal transportation money to build a section of Riverwalk in downtown Tampa.

Plan “B”? Use $810,000 in gas tax proceeds.

To my understanding, there are three reasons to have a gas tax:
1. To encourage motorists to drive less by making gas more expensive.
2. To build and maintain roadways for cars.
3. To fund alternative transportation modes to help reduce traffic congestion and pollution.

So the question becomes, how many people are going to use the Riverwalk as an alternative to driving?

If Riverwalk is not about transportation, it should instead be funded by either a tourist tax or a tax on the increased values of surrounding properties.

In other words, “Them who gets, pays”.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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