Tampa’s Mayor Bob snubs Tampa’s largest Job Creator

I read that the new Tampa Epoch newspaper is providing self-employment for over 200 Tampa residents selling papers who would otherwise be out panhandling.

Why is Tampa’s Mayor Bob looking down his nose at this enterprise? Does Mayor Bob not know what it is like to be homeless with NO money in his pocket?

Earning even $25 from selling papers goes a long way for not only a person’s self-esteem, but also goes a long way to closing that gap of having no money between meals.

Instead of looking for ways to close the “loophole” that allows Tampa’s homeless a way to make their own way in the world, maybe Mayor Bob should dig into his Business Relocation Incentive bag of money earmarked for out-of-town businesses, and see if he can find something more than a lump of coal for the entrepreneur behind the Tampa Epoch and for the 200 plus entrepreneurs out there on the street selling those papers.

“…and bless us, every one.” Tiny Tim


One Response to “Tampa’s Mayor Bob snubs Tampa’s largest Job Creator”

  1. I just picked up the latest copy of the Epoch and I was impressed on many levels.

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