And God created Tampa

Mayor Bob; did you catch the Daily Show Jan 4, 2012 segment: Indecision 2012 – GOP Almighty about each of the GOP candidates essentially saying that God is on their side?

Jon Stewart, admitting God created Tampa, speculated if God would therefore be at the Tampa  GOP convention in August. Daily Show contributor Wyatt Cenac shook his head and responded
“Have you BEEN to Tampa? That place is a s**t hole.”

Mayor Bob, say it ain’t so.

Take a noon walk from your office on E. Jackson St. to the Tampa Bay Times Forum, site of the GOP convention.

Take the most direct route there, along E. Washington and S. Jefferson.

See how many trash-bags you can fill along the way.

Walk it again at night. Alone.

See how many new friends you make along the way.

Mayor Bob; the city has two armored police vehicles and is borrowing twelve more, why do you need to spend a quarter of a million dollars of taxpayer money to buy yet another one? Fourteen armored vehicles is more than some banana republics have in their whole county. If you really need more of them to protect Tampans for a week, couldn’t your buddy Crist just send over a few more from the National Guard?

Clean up Tampa’s blight and unemployment first and maybe we wouldn’t need tanks to protect ourselves from one another.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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