Bayshore too Shabby

Tampa’s Mayor Bob and the City Council think that Bayshore Blvd. has too many warts to please the out-of-town RNC media, set to come here for the August 2012 GOP Convention.

Never mind that Bayshore is one of the longest and most spectacular city walkways in the country; with magnificent views of the bay on one side and lines of colorful Mansions on the other.

A little “lipstick and a prom dress” instead of the usual house-coat and cold-cream might help parts of Bayshore, but what about the sack-cloth and ashes sported by much of the rest of downtown Tampa?

Either get one person to pickup a million pieces of trash and weeds between downtown and the Tampa Bay Times Forum, or get a million people to pick up just one piece.

With the expected summer rains and heavy growing season in August, the city may want to stage a Downtown Community Pride event the week before the media shows up; encouraging every man, woman and child in Tampa, led by the mayor and city council, to participate in a downtown clean-up.

Call it “Pick it up with Bob”.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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