An exhibit to die for

Tampa’s Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI) is continuing its macabre grave-robbing parade of dead bodies; this time brought to us by the Mummies Of The World Touring Company Inc.

 By and large, these are the holy remains of our ancestors; laid to rest for eternity by reverent families with strong religious ties, then supposedly “discovered” and put on display in the worst P.T. Barnum fashion by exploiting the public with titillation disguised as education.

Be sure to stop by the gift shop for a made-in-China plastic replica dead person.

 This crass exhibit of once-living human beings comes almost on the heels of “Bodies”; the flayed and ridiculously posed remains of deceased indigent Chinese people, too poor to have been given the dignity of a final peace.

Who can forget the “educational” trio of mutilated card-playing cadavers?

 The Mummies website talks about how the exhibit
“…will allow us to reach deep into the human past and deeper still into the mysteries of ourselves…”

It does indeed.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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