Norman Payback

Why is it that neither the Tampa Bay Times nor the Tampa Tribune, whenever they refer to Florida State Senator Jim Norman as not having been found guilty of any “crimes” relating to the half-million dollar out-of-state home he shares with his wife, they do not mention the related and as yet unresolved issues of possible income taxes due and potential bankruptcy court actions?

Norman’s wife testified under oath that the money from Ralph Hughes to buy the house was sometimes considered by her as an “investment that later became a gift” and at other times as a “loan”.

1. If the $500,000 Hughes money was a gift, has anyone in the Norman family filed a Form 709 and paid the Federal Income taxes on that amount?

2. If that money was a loan from Hughes, and is therefore still owed to the Hughes estate, has the Bankruptcy Court-appointed trustee sought to recover that asset for the benefit of creditors?

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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