Stimulus Failure?

Especially now during the primary election season we hear much about the so-called failure of the federal stimulus programs.

Where did that money go locally and was it well-spent?

Take for example the stimulus money that the Hillsborough County School District received in 2009.

The District lists $35,415,708 for Title I Stimulus and another $44,017,000 for Idea Part B Stimulus.

For the entire state of Florida the Total Estimated Stimulus Funds was FOUR BILLION DOLLARS. This represents the total amount of money the state is expected to receive in stimulus funding including Title I, IDEA, SFSF and other programs. Funds became available in FY 2009 and must be spent by the end of FY 2011. From U.S. Department of Education Budget Tables.

If this money was wasted, where is the accountability?

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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