On the level?

black hole moneyThe Florida Senate Banking and Insurance Committee is pushing for a sales tax on e-commerce to “level the playing field” so that online retailers do not have an unfair tax advantage over in-state brick-and-mortar retailers.

Well and good, supposing that the state can figure out to collect it voluntarily from out of state companies, when the state cannot even collect online sales taxes from existing Florida tax laws.

It is projected that this could bring an additional $454 million into the state to pay for things like education, highways and health care.

But no; Senate Republicans want to declare a $454 million tax “holiday”, giving Florida retailers a huge advantage over e-commerce businesses.

How is this a “level playing field”?

How does this balance the budget; reduce the deficit?

How does this help Florida provide services to its citizens?

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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