Balkan States of America

It was stupefying yesterday watching Hillsborough County Commissioner Ken Hagan and community activist Marilyn Smith allied against the creation of a new single-member voting district, yet they couldn’t be further apart on the merits.

Hagan doesn’t want another commissioner on the board who doesn’t look like himself; Smith felt that further Balkanizing the districts would likely result in ever-more segregated neighborhoods.

I dearly love Commissioner Miller, but his meta message is that only a person of color could adequately represent other persons of similar color.

Is color a valid criterion in the 21st century?

After all, which “Brown” community is it that needs unique representation?
Mexican? Cuban? Puerto Rican? Colombian?

How about Brazilians, who speak Portuguese?
How about the many Latinos with African roots?

The reality of government is that political influence only belongs to those with money and those who can deliver votes.

The various groups who now feel they are under-represented should come together, register to vote and exchange those votes county-wide for promises of meaningful service from commissioners.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


3 Responses to “Balkan States of America”

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  2. Marilyn Smith Says:

    Yes, I used the word GHETTO. If only these people would get their history digested and learn from history.
    There are several systems that would work for these screamers who think they have been put upon.

    THIS IS NOT A MATTER OF COLOR, as you so aptly pointed out.

    GHETTOISING AND BALKANIZING are both destructive actions and result in fractious feelings lasting for generations.

    What happened in the BOCC yesterday had happened twice before: once during the CHARTER REVIEW SESSIONS; and, AGAIN DURING REDISTRICTING MAPS SELECTIONS.

    Success for an idea takes tenacity and positive actions based on FACT AND TRUE HISTORY, not just sitting
    in coffee shop and gripping.

    THE HISTORY OF WOMEN ATTAINING THE VOTE IN THE UNITED STATES WOULD BE A REALLY GOOD PLACE TO START…remember these women were brutalized and jailed, they stayed focused DAILY and were persistent, not just turning up at large meetings……
    GOTTA’ DO THE WORK. Such is Life. Smith

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