Daughter’s letter to her Tea Party father

Daddy –

The laws you support allow me to shoot and kill a would-be attacker.

But if I am raped, you want laws to deny me even a simple pill that would cleanse my body of any resulting fertilized egg.

You want laws that would force me to carry that rape-child to full term.

You want to impose your particular system of  religious beliefs on me; requiring that I cheerfully forgive the man who raped me, as well as gracefully accept that “gift from God” growing within me.

Only then could I choose: to either give up that child to the care of the taxpayers, or to raise that child as a single mother.

I know that you want to protect me from rape, but why do you insist that I needlessly bear a bastard child who would not only be a constant reminder of my rape, but who would also carry that stigma for the rest of its uncertain life?

Would you come to regret the loss of the bright future you held out for me when you invited me into this world?

Would you come to regret having me too?

Daddy, please reorder your priorities while you still have a choice.

Your loving daughter.


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