None dare call it treason

A perverse irony of “free market” capitalism is being exposed.

How do our ultra-right, fiscally-conservative governmental toadies justify forcing private citizens to buy a nuclear power plant for a for-profit company such as Progress Energy?

 Progress Energy functions as a state-sponsored monopoly. Citizens in their service area can only buy electricity from Progress; at rates dictated by Florida lawmakers. Additionally those citizens are being forced to pay for a new nuclear power plant so as to protect the profits given to Progress owners.

How is this different than if The State of Florida gave Ford Motor Company exclusive rights to sell only their cars in Central Florida? Not only would we be forced to buy Ford cars, at prices set by The State, we would also be taxed to pay for any new auto plants Ford wanted to build.

 This is not capitalism, it is called corporatism
and yet none dare call it treason.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


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