Fourth strike for Hagan

Hillsborough County Commissioner Ken Hagan is batting zero in his attempts at hitting a task force home run.

His Transportation Task Force was formed to recommend a Choo-Choo for Tampa.

His I-4 Task Force was formed to recommend paving over east county farmlands at taxpayer expense.

His Economic Development Taskforce was formed to recommend tax breaks for Bass Pro Shop.

Now he wants an Economic Prosperity Stakeholders Task Force formed to recommend taxpayers footing the bills for new roads, sewers, water, and fire and police services in order to “attract new business”.

 All these task forces have simply cost taxpayers a ton of money in outside consultants’ fees.

To paraphrases a line from the movie Blazing Saddles: “We don’t need no stinking task forces.”

Commissioner Sandra Murman didn’t need a task force to start a very successful incentive program to encourage the actual creation of new jobs.

But then maybe we should save Hagan the time, expense and embarrassment of another failed task force and just give him a walk on this one?

After all, according to Hagan, with all the tax and fee cuts already approved by the BOCC over the past few years, The County isn’t bringing in much money from new businesses anyway, so what’s to lose?

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen

One Response to “Fourth strike for Hagan”

  1. God only knows that I am not defending Hagan but I do believe this committee was Murman’s idea. They’ve just recently thrown in the desire of Hagan to have the impact fee waived for the next couple of years to be reviewed by this committee. I agree that this committee is not necessary and since all those appointed by the county are development related and not one citizen activist who understand much of what goes on I don’t think it serves much purpose at all. I’m disappointed in Murmans path so far, albeit she is threw some costly bones to south county during the budget hearings. All your points are well taken no matter who is the champion behind this committee. We don’t need another stinkin’ committee. That said, Hagan expressed interest in the impact fee waiver so he can take care of Bass Pro.

    High paying jobs or at least median wage jobs have transpired and we still keep throwing incentive after incentive. We have the county economic dev. office, the Chambers EDC, the Tampa Bay Partnership and more that we are funding for economic development and yet……no great shakes so far. We incentivized Time Warner’s return for bringing in 500 CALL CENTER jobs after they just within the last few years left leaving far more than the 500 unemployed. CALL CENTER Center is what we still are, banking centers, none of these bring the dollars we need so that we, the taxpayers, can continue to support development. We do not and have not ever had leadership, more particularly our local leadership, that can stick with a plan. Not even our land use plans! We are throwing good after bad with nothing to show for it.

    Good post.

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