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Jim Norman, (fill in the blank)

Posted in Ethics, News, Opinion, Politics with tags , , on March 4, 2012 by verbumsapienti2

Roget’s is replete with epithets for those who lie, cheat and steal.

The especially vile entries are reserved for transgressors of widows and orphans, taxpayers, journalist and voters.

Jim Norman has already admitted to lies about the $500,000 Hughes money.

We are just waiting how best to also describe not paying back the loan/investment, or alternatively, not including that as a gift on Federal tax returns.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


None dare call it treason

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A perverse irony of “free market” capitalism is being exposed.

How do our ultra-right, fiscally-conservative governmental toadies justify forcing private citizens to buy a nuclear power plant for a for-profit company such as Progress Energy?

 Progress Energy functions as a state-sponsored monopoly. Citizens in their service area can only buy electricity from Progress; at rates dictated by Florida lawmakers. Additionally those citizens are being forced to pay for a new nuclear power plant so as to protect the profits given to Progress owners.

How is this different than if The State of Florida gave Ford Motor Company exclusive rights to sell only their cars in Central Florida? Not only would we be forced to buy Ford cars, at prices set by The State, we would also be taxed to pay for any new auto plants Ford wanted to build.

 This is not capitalism, it is called corporatism
and yet none dare call it treason.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen

California high speed rail to nowhere – from nowhere

Posted in News with tags , , , , on January 9, 2012 by verbumsapienti2

If Florida was right in turning down billions in Federal dollars to build high speed rail between Tampa & Orlando due to the projected low ridership and high state operating costs, California should be doubly right in turning down money to build a line between Fresno and Bakersfield.

People, look at where these first two stations would be located!

This is like putting high speed rail in Florida between Winter Haven and Okeechobee.
No one goes to Fresno or Bakersfield unless they have to.

North Korean Conundrum

Posted in News, Opinion with tags , , on December 20, 2011 by verbumsapienti2

You have to pity the people of North Korea.

How will they know when it is OK to stop public displays of uncontrolled grief after the death of their “Dear Leader” and start showing uncontrolled public happiness over the “Great Successor”?

Perhaps it is cathartic to just have a good cry about life in general.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen

New Pinellas hybrid buses

Posted in Alternative Energy, News, Opinion, Transportation with tags , on October 17, 2011 by verbumsapienti2

I sure would have liked to see a more comprehensive analysis of the impact of 8 new hybrid buses coming to Pinellas.

It was not explained in the Tampa Tribune article how replacing 8 older buses with 8 new buses will “increase access to jobs” and “increase ridership”.

How does the $635K cost of each new bus compare to the cost of existing buses, and what are the comparative operating costs over a million-mile lifetime?

Probably the most disturbing thing in the article is that the buses will be made in California. At least they are not being made in China, but why are there seemingly no bus manufactures in Florida; say in Pinellas or Hillsborough?

Most buses are just assembled from parts manufactured in different factories anyway.

We should at least have an assembly plant in Tampa Bay for Tampa Bay buses.

Now that would be a civic improvement project to get behind.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen

Occupy Tampa

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Occupy Tampa

Where are the jobs?

When the power...

Occupy together

In your face


dogged protester

fragmented photographer

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen

British Colonialism and Palestine

Posted in News, Opinion, Politics on September 29, 2011 by verbumsapienti2
The 1947 UN Partition Plan offered to both sid...

1947 UN Partition Plan for Palestine

Why is the United States so deeply involved with the religious struggle over control of Palestine?

Palestine was part a tolerant, just and civilized Ottoman Empire for 400 years before World War I, at which time Britain separately promised Arabs and Jews a “homeland” there.

As a direct result of British colonialism and its double-dealing with both parties, we are witnessing armed conflict between Palestinians wanting space to live, while the Israelis push into more areas of Palestine in order to gain living space for its people.

In recent history we witnessed the dire consequences of one people coveting another’s land in the name of living space.

It was variously called lebensraumמרחב מחיה and spazio vitale 

Why doesn’t Britain man-up to its responsibilities for creating the Palestine/Israel mess and take THE active role in resolving the situation by doing something constructive to prevent another human catastrophe?

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen