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Promises, promises

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During the last election cycle, County Commissioner Ken Hagan promised voters that he would reel-in Bass Pro Shops to Hillsborough’s pier.

He even managed to get “destination retailers” included on the County’s list of preferred, high-value businesses eligible for big incentives to bring above average wage jobs to the area.

 Today it was announced that Hagan and County Administrator Merrill will be in secret negotiations with Bass and their local advocate, Vig Machete as to how many millions of dollars Hillsborough taxpayer money Bass would like to receive.

Will they tell us how much part-time, no-benefit Bass employees will be paid?

Will they tell us how many Hillsborough sporting goods business will go out of business as a result of this un-level playing field?

Promises made.

Promises kept.

<IMHO Fred Jacobsen


The Long Wait for Certainty

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Robert R. Livingston

Certainty: Life, Liberty and Persuit of Happiness

When in the history of human endeavor has any class of citizen ever been granted certainty in the outcome of investments made?

Yet today, in the United States, self-proclaimed job-creators are saying they are NOT creating jobs because of uncertainty.

The job-creators tell us that they will not create jobs

  • unless their taxes are set lower than they have ever been;
  • not unless workers accept lower wages with no benefits and no safety nets;
  • not unless worker safety and environmental laws are repealed;
  • not unless banking and investment laws are repealed;
  • not unless they can quickly regain their investments plus a profit, and
  • not unless the U.S. government pays down the debt and turns over governance to the states.

The major religions of the world talk about the duty of those who can, to freely, happily give 10% of what they have to aid the poor, the hungry, the homeless and the infirm.

This is the blessing of tithing upon the giver.

If all the job-creators would simply reach down into their souls, and pocketbooks, and each create 10% more jobs than they need for a year, unemployment and economic stagnation would end. The newly employed workers could in turn buy the goods and services sold by the job-creators and taxes could be reduced along with the size of government.

The job creators have the power to end this recession now and keep America from sliding into an even worse depression.

If job-creators keep waiting for certainty, the only certainty we will get is the certainty of continued suffering at their hands.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen