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ShortNotes: Jesus, Rand

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Atlas sculpture, New York City, by sculptor Le...For those of you too caught up in this summer re-election season to do any serious reading, I’ve condensed the sum total works of two great thinkers:

Jesus: “Love God and love your neighbor as yourself.”

Ayn Rand: “There is no God; love yourself.”

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen


Speaker Moonbase

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Governor Jerry Brown was early known as “Governor Moonbeam” for his marching to his own drummer in California.

Speaker Newt Gingrich is listening to his own special drummer, marching him though, to the moon.

Has Speaker Moonbase considered the cost of establishing and maintaining a permanent base on the moon, let alone making it the 51st state?

So far all we’ve heard is “One of these days Alice, bang zoom to the moon.”

Speaker Moonbase; read How to Build a Rocket to the Moon.

<IMHO> Fred Jacobsen

Gingrich – Krushchev, seperated at birth

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We will bury you!

I will bury myself

Welcome to the Tea Party – Now Go to Sleep

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This is Tea

filling a cup
not with indigestion
not with nerves
not with sleepless nights
this is tea

this is calm stomach
quiet nerves
deep sleep
this is tea

steaming, hot, hearty, delicious, invigorating
the lift
that leaves you

with a nice warm glow

so good
so good for you
make it hefty, hot & hearty

Tea Party Rally Song: Tomorrow Belongs to Me

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If you are planning to attend the Wed.  Aug. 27 tea party rally, please take the time to learn the words of the rally song so that “the media” can’t report that we don’t know the words to our own song:

Tomorrow Belongs to Me

The sun on the river is summery warm.
The deer in the forest run free.
But gather together to greet the storm.
Tomorrow belongs to me.

The branch of the oak tree is leafy and Green,
The bay gives its gold to the sea.
But somewhere a glory awaits unseen.
Tomorrow belongs to me.

The babe in his cradle is closing his eyes
The blossom embraces the bee.
But soon, says a whisper;
“Arise, arise,
Tomorrow belongs to me”

America, America,
Show us the sign
Your children have waited to see.
The morning will come
When the world is mine.
Tomorrow belongs to me!

Be sure you come to the rally wearing your
Betsy Ross inspired Pentagram Flag sleeve decoration

Click on above image for larger print-and-wear version

Spontaneous Tea Party Rally Planned for Aug. 27

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Joe Chillura Courthouse Square
Corner of Morgan, Kennedy, Pierce & Madison
(Across the street from County Center & Courthouse)
Tampa, Florida

Wed. August 27, 2012
Noon (since WE all have jobs)

Tea Party, members and supporters are invited again, to a mass spontaneous public gathering, to ensure that our nation’s malaise can be cured by the combined efforts of people who care about what is important.

“The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil Is for Good Men to Do Nothing”

Gaze at me and wonder what I see

My arms, outstretched, that measure countless stars

My stance unmatched by even the tallest tree

The compass of my feet, a common cause!

O gaze at me and wonder what you see
My glistening chest that hides a heart of steel
That judges Human Will and finds it free
To reach aloft and spin God’s cosmic wheel!

To make of life whatever life may be,
Like an early morning sun, I rise up free!

By James E. Tokley, Sr.
Poet Laureate, Tampa

Please be inspired to bring the usual provocative signs:

if you park in the County parking structure across the street,
when you leave,
just hand the attendant a tea bag and
ask for free county-subsidized parking.

The lame-stream liberal media
has not been invited to attend this event.

Defining characteristics of the Tea Party movement

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1. Powerful and Continuing Nationalism – The Tea Party tends to make constant use of patriotic mottos, slogans, symbols, songs, and other paraphernalia. Flags are seen everywhere, as are flag symbols on clothing and in public displays.

2. Disdain for the Recognition of Human Rights – Because of fear of enemies and the need for security, the people in the Tea Party are persuaded that human rights can be ignored in certain cases because of “need.” They tend to look the other way or even approve of torture, summary executions, assassinations, long incarcerations of prisoners, etc.

3. Identification of Enemies/Scapegoats as a Unifying Cause – They are rallied into a unifying patriotic frenzy over the need to eliminate a perceived common threat or foe: racial , ethnic or religious minorities; liberals; communists; socialists, terrorists, etc.

4. Supremacy of the Military – Even with widespread domestic problems, the military is given a disproportionate amount of government funding priority, and the domestic agenda is neglected. Soldiers and military service are glamorized.

5. Rampant Sexism – The organizers of the Tea Party tend to be almost exclusively male-dominated. Under the Tea Party, traditional gender roles are made more rigid. Divorce, abortion and homosexuality are suppressed and they are represented as the ultimate guardian of the family institution.

6. Controlled Mass Media – Sometimes the media is directly controlled by the Tea Party, but in other cases, the media is indirectly controlled by advertisers, or sympathetic media spokespeople and executives. Censorship of conflicting views, especially regarding war, is very common.

7. Obsession with National Security – Fear is used as a motivational tool by the Tea Party over the masses.

8. Religion and Government are Intertwined – The Tea Party tend to use the most common religion in the nation as a tool to manipulate public opinion. Religious rhetoric and terminology is common from Tea Party leaders, even when the major tenets of the religion are diametrically opposed to the Tea Party’s policies or actions.

9. Corporate Power is Protected – The industrial and business aristocracy behind the Tea Party often are the ones who put the government leaders into power, creating a mutually beneficial business/government relationship and power elite.

10. Labor Power is Suppressed – Because the organizing power of labor is the only real threat to a Tea Party government, labor unions are either eliminated entirely, or are severely suppressed.

11. Disdain for Intellectuals and the Arts – The Tea Party tends to promote and tolerate open hostility to public education, and academia. It is not uncommon for professors and other academics to be censored or even fired. Free expression in the arts and letters is openly attacked.

12. Obsession with Crime and Punishment – Under the Tea Party, the police will be given almost limitless power to enforce laws. The people are often willing to overlook police abuses and even forgo civil liberties in the name of patriotism. There may be a national police force with virtually unlimited power in a Tea Party government.

13. Rampant Cronyism and Corruption – The Tea Party will be governed by groups of friends and associates who appoint each other to government positions and use governmental power and authority to protect their friends from accountability. It would not be uncommon with the Tea Party for national resources and even treasures to be appropriated or even outright stolen by government leaders.

14. Fraudulent Elections – Elections are manipulated by smear campaigns against or even character assassination of opposition candidates, use of legislation to control voting numbers or political district boundaries, and manipulation of the media. Tea Party influence also typically uses the judiciary to manipulate or control elections.

Dr. Lawrence Britt has examined the fascist regimes of Hitler (Germany), Mussolini (Italy), Franco (Spain), Suharto (Indonesia) and several Latin American regimes. He missed the Tea Party. Britt found 14 defining characteristics common to each: