Tampa Rail

  1. What is  the time-table for the creation of  high-wage jobs along the Tampa rail corridors ?
  2. What levels of roadway congestion improvement are projected for I-275 as a result of Tampa rail?
  3. What will be the effect on taxpayers of increasing the County’s already $1 BILLION debt by over 50 percent?
  4. How will the new sales tax increase help balance the County’s $60 million budget short fall?
  5. With $200 Million in new sales taxes each year, why will The County continue to fire staff and reduce services?
  6. With business incentives designed to attract enterprise along the Tampa rail corridors, what incentives will there be for   the rest of the county?
  7. Since only half of the money needed for the Tampa rail will come from the sales tax increase, what is the plan if either or both the State of Florida and the Federal Government don’t bail us out?
  8. What are the cost and congestion consequences if CSX does not let us use their tracks for the Tampa rail?
  9. Given the 30-year useful life span of tracks, rolling stock and equipment, what are the funding plans for eventually replacing all the rail projects in the 2040 plan?
  10. Will there be a rail connection to the Tampa airport at the same time as the Downtown-Westshore corridor is built?
  11. Is it worth it to taxpayers to pay  $3 for every $1 ticket sold to riders?
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